AERO Proud of our colours

Adrema created a marketing concept and executed a campaign for AERO including 40 sec image video ad featuring famous ski jumper Robert Kranjec and his daughter Pika with the goal to re-establish brand’s market position as a Slovenian brand with best price/quality value. Within few weeks we reached 100.000 video ad views on YouTube and Facebook combined and stronger emotional attachment to AERO brand.

NITRO Conference – explosive interviews, beautiful stories

Yes, we know, everyone has their own fetish, that certain something, and at Adrema
we’re no different. We actually have several, and one of them is quenching our
curiosity by surveying people with an experience that differs from ours, an
experience at another level, with different people or in a different environment. Since
we can never experience everything, we ask questions, poke and prod to feed our
interest, search for the breakthrough, and learn from, laugh with, and wonder at the
stories of people who lived their dreams.

The Yearly SAP Forum Event

For several years we have been organizing the yearly SAP Forum event. SAP Forum brings its partners the opportunity to explore the latest digital trends to determine the best opportunities for their company. It is an opportunity to gather and socialize with partners, to present SAP news and look into the upcoming innovations. Every year we strive to make the event inspiring and special.