Polegon® is the first educational workshop in which we simulate an authentic team environment and improve the efficiency and performance of each team by playing with LEGO® building bricks.The workshops are a fusion of serious work and entertainment – they address the elements which affect the team’s performance, such as common goals, relationships within a team (trust, communication, etc.), roles of individuals, working processes, and leadership.

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The Polegon® workshops open and solve the most common challenges your teams face in the company:

  1. Lack of trust between team members.
  2. Fear of conflicts, which can be triggered by employee’s actions, opinions, ideas.
  3. Lack of commitment to the team and company.
  4. Avoiding responsibility.
  5. Insufficient focus on achieving results within the team and company.
  6. Lack of original ideas within the team.

Through various Polegon® simulation games and subsequent reflection after each game the teams will achieve:

  1. Improvement in creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
  2. Greater trust and cooperation between team members, which consequently brings more successful problem solving.
  3. Improvement in communication inside the team and between teams, thus improving inter-departmental cooperation.
  4. Understanding the roles and responsibilities within a team, and accepting decisions.
  5. Understanding the common goals of your team and company, as well as the company’s set of values.

The participants of Polegon® workshops learn various skills; they will:

  1. Learn the value of a team.
  2. Understand the purpose of a team and get to know different types of teams.
  3. Learn the characteristics of a successful team.
  4. Learn the characteristics and routines of a highly efficient team.
  5. Experience all four levels of team development through simulation.
  6. Be introduced to common dysfunctionalities of a team.
  7. Get to know different roles within a team.
  8. Learn the basic team rules and values.

Whom Polegon® is intended for

We recommend the Polegon® workshops to all teams who wish to build trust between their individual members, to develop their communication and planning skills, as well as achieve their goals. They are also advisable to teams who wish to improve creativity when searching for new products and services, or wish to improve the existing ones.

Duration of a  Polegon® workshop

A Polegon® workshop can take 1.5 to 2 hours.

Polegon® just for fun?

Of course, we also offer Polegon® just for fun. We can join you at your team building event, and bring out your playful side, creativity and joy.

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