Strategy & Execution

Around 50% of brands around the globe don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy. That means that 50% of the businesses are walking in the dark, hoping they got the target audience right, hoping potential customers will somehow find the way to their product.

By having a marketing strategy, you set the direction as a company, you spend the money on channels that are bringing you results, and you give your potential customer a good reason to choose your business over your competitors.

At Adrema we develop and execute Marketing Strategy for you:
Product Marketing, Brand strategy, Digital Marketing, Marcom & Public Relations.

Bisnode4Excellence Serbia for the best in business

At Bisnode, 2.100 experts work daily to interpret, refine and understand the data that forms the basis of our clients' business decisions. Adrema created and executed a Bisnode4Eexcellence Regional Business Event Tour that helps the client reach the best businesses on the market and deliver their message to key decision makers.

AERO Proud of our colours

Adrema created a marketing concept and executed a campaign for AERO including 40 sec image video ad featuring famous ski jumper Robert Kranjec and his daughter Pika with the goal to re-establish brand’s market position as a Slovenian brand with best price/quality value. Within few weeks we reached 100.000 video ad views on YouTube and Facebook combined and stronger emotional attachment to AERO brand.