With over 1.000 events in 12 years we can make your dreams come true. We are specialised in business conferences, product launches, media events and destination management. Our events are remarkable, interesting and welcoming. Something that each and every attendee remembers.

Presentation on the market

Nowadays companies need a comprehensive and advenced presentation on the market, made in such a way that your target audience wants to listen to it and understands your service. For the successful start-up company Fledgeworks, which offers an effective HR system for all types and sizes of companies, we prepared a top presentation website, filmed and produced video content with the statements od their satisfied business partners, and established their presentation on business social network LinkedIn. We advised them on how to successfully communicate their service in the market in order to reach their targeted customers.

Bisnode4Excellence 2020 Studio
Smart data. Smart decisions.

We prepared three amazing 110 minutes long online events for the international company Bisnode which operates in 19 countries and is one of the leading business smat data providers in Europe. We organized and produces their annual event in online form, which had been seen more than 750 their business partners, in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. The event was a huge success and content Jewell, sparked by the lectures of great experts and interviews with celebrities. This kind of events help the companies stay connected to their business partners and keep them inspired even when personal contact isn't possible.

NIVEA Closing Event at Austria Trend Hotel

NIVEA and Zveza prijateljev mladine have joined forces under the Podarite nam modro srce campaign for the 13th year in a row in helping economically deprived children on their way to an education, and again donated EUR 20,000.00 to the NIVEA learning fund. This year’s campaign ambassadors inspired the guests with their goodhearted stories, while two scholarship recipients of the education fund delivered a performance that moved the visitors to tears. This year, the message about the importance of mutual help was spread among the children at five events in schools by Ana Lukner Roljič, an entrepreneur, inspirational lecturer and founder of Anina Zvezdica, Alenka Žumbar Klopčič, editor and founder of Srečna hiša za otroke, Mojca Odar, a teacher and mountain rescuer, Robert Sabol, a rescuer, and Rok Križan, a volunteer and the youngest recipient of the National Volunteer Service Award. It was emphasised at the event how important it was to spread the word on good deeds and to encourage the young to do good, as they are our future. The event will be fondly remembered for a long time. We are very proud to be a part of this amazing project.

The Influential Exhibition »Sodobna Kofetarica« at Kongresni Trg

One of the most beautiful locations in Ljubljana, Kongresni trg, hosted the month-long stunning “Sodobna Kofetarica” exhibition showing all ten final works produced by ALUO (Academy of Fine Arts and Design) students. Ivana Kobilica’s masterpiece “Coffee Drinker” is celebrating 130 years, so Loka kava and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design honoured the anniversary with a special project entitled “Modern Coffee Drinker”. The exhibition was a huge success on its very first day, and we are proud to be a part of it and to be entrusted with such a big project.

iRobot Corporate Event at Antique Palace Hotel And Spa

The world-renowned brand of robot vacuums iRobot entrusted us yet again with the organisation of a corporate event for the official launch of their new robots. In the charming ambience of the Antiq Palace Hotel in Ljubljana, iRobot introduced the keenly awaited robot vacuum iRobot Roomba i7+. The first one to receive it in Slovenia was the famous actress and TV host Zvezdana Mlakar, who was more than impressed by Roomba and who completely changed her mind about robots in general. Zvezdana Mlakar: “It is time we let the 21st century into our homes”. 

iRobot Business Event in Planica

The renowned brand of robot vacuum cleaners iRobot entrusted us to organize a business event at the launch of their new robots. The attendees got to know the iRobot brand well, and had tremendous fun at the event. They took a ride on the Planica Zipline, flying over the biggest and steepest ski jump in the world, and took their turn playing fun team games. A business event that made a truly lasting impression.

Bisnode4Excellence in Zagreb, Croatia with Zlatko Dalić & Duje Draganja

Bisnode continues to deliver great events around the Adriatic Region. Amazing and successful businessmen, like Branko Roglić, founder of company Orbico were sharing their experience on how to build an excellent company. On the other hand Duje Draganja, world champion in swimming and Zlatko Dalić, Croatian football coach were explaining from their personal experience what it takes to become the best in the world and how to build a great team.

Alternative, Funny and Creative Graffiti Team Building

You can call it vandalism or you can call it art, one thing is for certain: spraying colourful graffiti is fun for everybody. We took a team of 100 employees to a popular artistic settlement location, where they had the opportunity to articulate themselves. A cherry on the top was an internal exhibition of their art.

The Annual Bisnode4Excellence Event at Brdo

It was a privilege to organize a business to business event at the beautiful environment of the park and the castle Brdo – a protocol facility that serves the needs of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. Bisnode awarded 250 invitees with business excellence certificates while we organized several lectures, interviews with sports celebrities and a gorgeous outdoor lunch by the lake.

An Incredible Masquerade Ball in Venice

What will your guests remember forever? In Venice, the most beautiful and most incredible city in the world we organized a masquerade ball for almost 100 Markit employees from all over Europe. We prepared a par excellence dinner for them. The guests wore original costumes, were driven around in Venice's beautiful taxi boats and were pampered by an amazing local band. Surely a night to remember.

Beach Party in Portorož with 2000 NIVEA Balls

To launch the new NIVEA SUN line we prepared a special beach party in Portorož on the first day of the holidays with traditional NIVEA balls. We set a record in dancing with NIVEA balls and 2000 NIVEA balls flew into the air to welcome the summer. But above all, NIVEA was also raising awareness of the importance of sun protection.

A Stunning Silent Disco in Postojna Cave

Can you imagine dancing to the trendy music of the popular Estonian singer Iiris in one of the world's finest attractions, the jaw-dropping Postojna Cave? We took nearly 100 employees from across Europe into one of the biggest Slovenian attractions and completely surprised them with the amazing silent disco.

Bisnode4Excellence Serbia for the best in business

At Bisnode, 2.100 experts work daily to interpret, refine and understand the data that forms the basis of our clients' business decisions. Adrema created and executed a Bisnode4Eexcellence Regional Business Event Tour that helps the client reach the best businesses on the market and deliver their message to key decision makers.

The Remarkable NT Conference

The thirteenth Microsoft NT conference – the biggest IT event not only in Slovenia but in the whole region – took place in Portorož, and was attended by more than 2200 IT professionals from 700 companies. During the conference Microsoft announced a partnership with the European Environment Agency. Participants of the conference were able to use free bicycles to ride between the venues at Bernardin, Piran and Portorož. For every kilometer they rode, Microsoft donated five euros to charity.

Nivea Centenary in A Fairytale Castle Experience

The legendary NIVEA Creme was celebrating 100 years and we were entrusted to prepare a beautiful and festive event in one of the most beautiful and majestic locations in Slovenia – the castle Zemono. We prepared a historical exhibition of NIVEA creme packaging and pampered the guests with a true fairytale dinner. It can hardly get any better than this.

Awarded best three IBM events in the world – Key to success

With smart and strategic event concept IBM Slovenia and Adrema were awarded top three yearly events in the world. Sure we are very proud of it.

Annual business conference IBM Forum

The world is SMALLER. The world is FLATTER. The world is about to get a whole lot SMARTER. A two-day IBM Forum conference hosted 50 lecturers, domestic and foreign, and 600 guests. The IBM Forum is one of the biggest technological conferences in the region.

NITRO Conference – explosive interviews, beautiful stories

Yes, we know, everyone has their own fetish, that certain something, and at Adrema we’re no different. We actually have several, and one of them is quenching our curiosity by surveying people with an experience that differs from ours, an experience at another level, with different people or in a different environment. Since we can never experience everything, we ask questions, poke and prod to feed our interest, search for the breakthrough, and learn from, laugh with, and wonder at the stories of people who lived their dreams.

The Yearly SAP Forum Event

For several years we have been organizing the yearly SAP Forum event. SAP Forum brings its partners the opportunity to explore the latest digital trends to determine the best opportunities for their company. It is an opportunity to gather and socialize with partners, to present SAP news and look into the upcoming innovations. Every year we strive to make the event inspiring and special.